I Remember Pretty Much Everything on the Day I Proposed

Funny how you remember specific things about various moments in your life. I mean I do not remember what the weather was like last Thursday when I was at work, and I had to think about what I had for lunch yesterday. However, the day I proposed to my wife is fixed in my mind to the degree that I can relive a large part of the day. We both come from a big family, and we are both close to our families. I saw an ad that said hire our party bus for your next event, and on that day I proposed we were in a cool limo bus filled with our siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts uncles and some cousins.

Well, I did not actually propose in the big party bus. I did it at the amusement park the ride took us all to. We came up with a ruse that it was going to be a family picnic day at the amusement park. I had officials there help me with hanging a large banner at the entrance with my marriage proposal on it. It was hilarious in that my wife-to-be was so excited to be at the park that she almost did not notice the sign!

It was great with all of us being together in the big party bus. We had 50 people going to the park that day. I can remember every ride, especially the romantic slow rides where she sat right next to me in my arms. I guess I am a romantic at heart. I am not great at it, but I do try. I bring home flowers and I get her little presents just because. I stop at those goofy claw machines to spend three times as much as it’s worth to win her a stuffed animal. We have named every one of them.

We both remember our limo ride and the fun we had riding to the park and back. The bus was super comfortable with air conditioning, a beverage bar, a great sound system and it even had a bathroom. We had to rent it again when we got married.

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