Partying Once More for Old Times Sake

I get a lot of pop up ads on my phone when I’m using the browser because I don’t have any kind of ad blocking software installed. I should probably do something about that one day, but I’m too lazy to look into it. I usually just close the ads and continue doing whatever it is that I’m doing. Most recently, I received a “click here” pop up from a company that rents out party buses to people. The pop up showed a huge bus with lights and people who looked like they were having fun. I wanted to continue on the website that I was reading, so I closed the ad.

Days later, while I was using the browser again, I got the same ad, and I closed it. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but that ad would keep coming back, and eventually become useful to me. I got a call from some old friends who were in town for the week and wanted to hang out with me. We used to have some good fun back in our college day, but when we went our separate ways, everything changed and we all turned into more mellow people.

The party bus ad that kept popping up gave me an idea. I rented a bus so that my friends and I could party once more like we did in the old days. We couldn’t drink as much as we used to, but we could still have the time of our lives. We went to all of our old hang out spots and enjoyed things like everything had been the same as it always was. Out of all of us, I’ve lost the least amount of hair and gained the least pounds, although I’m still pretty big compared to my former self.

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