We’re Using a Bus to Keep Our Kids Alive and Happy

Wanting a way to keep our kids safe when they came home for homecoming, my wife suggested that we use www.partybustoronto.limo to get a party bus for the kids and their friends. All of them are in their twenties. Homecoming is when kids come home once per year in small towns to attend a local football game, see friends and spend time with family. It has always been a big deal here in the South. And with that, it’s important for parents to remind their adult children to not drink and drive. We figured out how to take it out of the equation completely.

Each of us in our small town came name someone’s child who came home for homecoming and then promptly shortened their life by not heeding what they’ve learned all their life about not drinking and driving. Some think that because we’re surrounded by country roads, there’s less traffic, and therefore, safer. But there is more to it than that. First, most of our road have been dug out between mountains. So, they’re very windy, curvy and steep. Not only that, too many other people think that they’re safer because there’s less traffic on them, and as a result, they speed by going 20 or more miles over the speed limit all the time. We aim to keep our own children from getting into a wreck with the help of a sober driver and an over-sized vehicle that will help to keep them from becoming a statistic.

My wife and I originally told the kids about the bus before they came home, and they both gave our a whoop of glee. But we were also very careful to remember to tell them that this is for their own safety and well being. We wanted them to know that so that they can pass on the same message to their kids one day.

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