You Helped Us Raise Lots of Money

The diamond party bus was the perfect party bus for us. I work for a animal shelter and every year we have a huge Christmas party to raise money for homeless animals and for the shelter itself. This job is not just a job for me it is my entire life. I have always known that I wanted to help homeless animals find loving homes. When I was little I rescued my first cat. Someone had dumped a little kitten on the side of the road and somehow it came to my yard, which was pretty far from the highway. I knew from that day on it was my calling to save all of the animals I could. To help them find loving forever homes, like that little kitten’s that I ended up naming Priscilla, because she became my princess.I had opened my animals shelter almost five years ago, and that Christmas it was going to be our fifth annual Christmas event, so I wanted it to be very special.

We went to the community and they donated such amazing gifts and then we had a huge party afterwards with the major donors. So I thought a party bus or limo would be a awesome thing for the party.

Thanks to your website I was easily able to find the perfect one for our event. It was a great way to get to the venue. We had so much fun. The price was just in our range, so we were easily able to afford it. In fact thanks to your bus we were able to get some of the donors to donate even more for the cause of helping homeless animals find loving forever homes. Trust me in the future you will get lots of business from this event because everyone was so happy.

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